Visualizing Data

Principles of data visualization

  • Healy, Kieran. “Data Visualization: A practical introduction” [free online], [buy on amazon]
  • Wilke, Claus O. “Fundamentals of Data Visualization” [free online], [buy on amazon]
  • Video: How Humans See Data, by John Rauser. This is probably the best overviews I’ve seen on how to exploit the psychology of how our brains interpret images to make effective visualizations.

Choosing the right chart

You will want to choose different chart types depending on the relationship or message you want to convey. Fortunately, we live in the future and awesome people have created wonderful tools to help you find the most appropriate graph for your data. Take a look through some of these resources - these will come in handy when you start working on your final project:

Making plots with ggplot2

Polishing ggplot2 plots

Choosing colors

Animating ggplot2 plots