Fall 2022 Project Showcase

Automated Vehicles: Are people ready for driverless rideshares?

by Chris Krueger, Sanskriti Shivhare, Vikram Gill, and Odelele Adeyeye

Gas vs Electric Leaf Blowers

by Raffa Nimir,Piryanka Desai and Sameer Bhosle

The Future of Work: What would it take to bring people back into the office?

by Michael Salceda, Haokai Du, Sravya Jahagirdhar, and Malyadri Reddy Mule

Off-Campus Student Housing

by Maximillian Kostyashkin, Alejandro Medina Mora, and Bassant Sabry

World Cup Packages

by Kyle Arbide, Ava Gholipour, Prathyaj Mantha, Vibhav Lekhi