Course Schedule

Week Date Class Project Assignments
1 Aug 31 Getting Started
Class orientation, intro to R, workflow, packages
Introductions to each other and potential projects
Data Wrangling
Due: 09/06
2 Sep 07 Data Wrangling
Importing, wrangling, and summarizing data in R
Decision Variables
Distinguishing between decision variables and product attributes
RMarkdown & Plotting
Due: 09/13
3 Sep 14 RMarkdown & Plotting
Intro to "literate programming" with RMarkdown and plotting with {ggplot2}
Project Scope
Defining attribute levels, target survey population, competitors
Intro to formr
Due: 09/20
Due: Sep 25
4 Sep 21 Intro to formr
Designing and implementing surveys in formr
Survey Plan 1
Overview of survey plan, work on proposals
5 Sep 28 No Class - Team Meetings Conjoint Surveys in formr
Due: 10/04
Survey Plan
Due: Oct 04
6 Oct 05 Conjoint Questions
Generating conjoint questions in R, implementing in formr
Survey Plan 2
Begin implementing survey plan in formr
Utility Models
Due: 10/11
Pilot Survey
Due: Oct 18
7 Oct 12 Utility Models
Intro to utility models, discrete vs. continuous parameters, parameter coding
Pilot Survey
Finish implementing pilot survey in formr
Optimization & MLE
Due: 10/18
8 Oct 19 Optimization & MLE
Optimization, maximum likelihood estimation
Pilot Analysis 1
Import & clean pilot data, joins
Due: 10/25
9 Oct 26 Uncertainty
Computing uncertainty in coefficient estimates
Pilot Analysis 2
Reshaping data (tidy data), estimating models
DOE & Power Analysis
Due: 11/01
Pilot Analysis
Due: Nov 06
10 Nov 02 DOE & Power Analysis
Designing your survey to reduce error
Pilot Analysis 3
Refine attributes & levels, conduct power analysis, plot results
WTP & Simulation
Due: 11/08
11 Nov 09 WTP & Simulation
Computing WTP, WTP space models, market simulations
WTP & Simulation
Compute WTP, define market simulations, finalize final survey
Due: 11/15
Final Survey
Due: Nov 20
12 Nov 16 Heterogeneity
Modeling differences in preferences across sample population
Estimate mixed logit and subpopulation models on pilot data
13 Nov 23 Thanksgiving - no class Final Survey Feilding
Collecting data for final survey
14 Nov 30 Class Review
Overview of course concepts
Sensitivity Analyses
Compute sensitivity analyses
Due: 12/05
Final Analysis
Due: Dec 11
15 Dec 07 Communicating Results
Go over exam solutions and also discuss tips for giving a good presentation
Final Analysis Lab
In class time to work on final analysis
16 Dec 14 Final Presentations Final Presentation
Due: Dec 14