Due: Sep 14 by 11:59pm

Weight: This assignment is worth 3% of your final grade.

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to get familiar with creating plots using the ggplot2 library and to introduce you to the “RMarkdown” file format.

Assessment: This assignment is graded using a check system:

Notice that this is essentially a pass/fail system. I’m not grading your writing ability and I’m not counting the number of words you write - I’m looking for thoughtful engagement.

1. Getting Organized

Download and edit this template when working through this assignment. Notice that this week’s template is a .Rmd file.

2. Readings

Open up a notebook (physical, digital…whatever you take notes in best), and take notes while you go through these readings:

  1. Lesson 5 “Data Visualization”
  2. Lesson 6 “Reproducible Reporting”

3. Exercises

Running through these RStudio Primer exercises to practice making charts with ggplot - we’ll do more of this in class next week:

  1. Histograms
  2. Bar Charts
  3. Scatterplots
  4. Line Charts

4. Reflect, Knit, & Submit

Reflect on what you’ve learned while going through these readings and exercises. Is there anything that jumped out at you? Anything you found particularly interesting or confusing? After reflecting, do the following:

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