Week Date Quiz Class Projects Assignments
1 Sep 01 Getting Started
Class orientation, intro to R, workflow, packages
Introductions to each other and potential projects
Data Wrangling
Due Sep 07
2 Sep 08 Data Wrangling
Importing, wrangling, and summarizing data in R
Decision Variables
Distinguishing between decision variables and product attributes
Due Sep 14
3 Sep 15 RMarkdown & Plotting
Intro to “literate programming” with RMarkdown and plotting with {ggplot2}
Project Scope
Defining attribute levels, target survey population, competitors
Due Sep 21
Project Proposal
Due Sep 26
4 Sep 22 Intro to formr
Designing and implementing surveys in formr
Survey Plan 1
Overview of survey plan, work on proposals
5 Sep 29 No Class
Team meetings w/Prof. Helveston
Feedback on proposals
Survey Plan
Due Oct 05
6 Oct 06 Conjoint Questions
Generating conjoint questions in R, implementing in formr
Survey Plan 2
Begin implementing survey plan in formr
Utility Models
Due Oct 12
Pilot Survey
Due Oct 15
7 Oct 13 Utility Models
Intro to utility models, discrete vs. continuous parameters, parameter coding
Pilot Survey
Finish implementing pilot survey in formr
Due Oct 19
8 Oct 20 Optimization & MLE
Optimization, maximum likelihood estimation
Pilot Analysis 1
Import & clean pilot data, joins
Due Oct 26
9 Oct 27 Uncertainty
Computing uncertainty in coefficient estimates
Pilot Analysis 2
Reshaping data, estimating models
Design of Experiment
Due Nov 02
Pilot Analysis
Due Nov 07
10 Nov 03 DOE & Power Analysis
Designing your survey to reduce error
Pilot Analysis 3
Refine attributes & levels, conduct power analysis, plot results
WTP & Simulations
Due Nov 09
11 Nov 10 WTP & Simulations
Computing WTP, WTP space models, market simulations
WTP & Simulations
Compute WTP, define market simulations, finalize final survey
Due Nov 16
Final Survey
Due Nov 19
12 Nov 17 Heterogeneity
Modeling differences in preferences across sample population
Estimate mixed logit and subpopulation models on pilot data
13 Nov 24 Thanksgiving - no class
Final Survey Feilding
Collecting data for final survey
14 Dec 01 Class Review
Overview of course concepts
Sensitivity Analyses
Compute sensitivity analyses
Due Dec 05
Final Analysis
Due Dec 13
15 Dec 08 Exam Solutions
Final Analysis Lab
In class time to work on final analysis
16 Dec 15 Final Presentations
Final Presentation
Due Dec 15

EMSE 6035: Marketing Analytics for Design Decisions (Fall 2021)
Wednesdays | 6:10 - 8:40 PM | SEH 7040 | Dr. John Paul Helveston | jph@gwu.edu